The Family Tree

Adopted, but forever part of the Doodle Nation family!

F1b Goldendoodles

from Piper and Kiefer


The Girls!

Marvel, formally known as Fey ~ Adopted by the Morris Family

Georgie, formally known as Gilda ~ Adopted by the Weringa-Schertz Family

Molly ~ Adopted by the Shea Family

The Boys!

Berwin, formally known as Spade ~ Adopted by the Borstad Family

Murphy, formally known as Rock ~ Adopted by the Melius Family

Doug, formally known as Ferrell ~ Adopted by the Larsen Family

Cooper, formally known as Chase ~ Adopted by the Mueller Family

Sandler ~ Adopted by the Hansen Family

Fallon ~ Adopted by the McNeil Family

Murphy ~ Adopted by the Anderson-Schaefer Family


The Boys!

Charlie, formally known as Lewis ~ The Swanson Family

Ozzie, formally known as Clark ~ The Seehafer Family

Bohdi, formally known as Columbus ~ The Paulius Family

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