We’re excited to announce the start of our Guardian Home Program! Our goal has always been to give our adult dogs the love and attention they deserve while giving our puppies the best start in life. With The Pack and future parents in mind we have created a program that insures the best of life for all.

The program offers a wonderful opportunity for approved local families to receive a “pick of the litter” puppy from us at a low to no cost.  Contact us for more information!


Miniature Poodle ~ Red

Male ~ Born on March 17, 2019

Loved and raised by the Prunick Family

Nugget is a lovable guy!  He may be small but he sure knows how to charm the ladies!! Nuggie has always been laid back, he takes everything in stride and is the best companion.  He enjoys patroling the yard, talking to his 4 legged neighbor and hanging with his best friends Charlie, Zaedda and Mazie but nothing tops snuggles with is mama!  He has a playful side and can be very feisty and talkative when he wants to be!!  He has a bone to pick with the blankets and has a serious wrestling match with them every night before settling in!

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