The Pack

...our resident dogs.  They live here with us in our home full time, cage free!

Diesel, The Destroyer!

Pit Mix

Diesel invited himself into our home in March of 2021 when he ran out in front of our truck one evening.  He was zig zag across the road so we stopped to check on him.  Diesel was more than happy to hop right in! The poor guy must have been lost for awhile, he was extremely malnourished, had open wounds and was covered in scars.  We never were able to locate his owners so he’s spending the rest of his days hanging with this motley crew.  Diesel is a very happy guy, he has the BEST smile! He is very protective and affectionate.  Though his name may lead you to believe he’s destructive he has improved greatly in the months we have had him.  After the loss of a couch, a chair, trim, internet hot spot, dog bed, countless pens and tennis balls he has been keeping the destroying to approved chew toys!

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