The Pack

...our resident dogs.  They live here with us in our home full time, cage free!


Standard F1 Goldendoodle ~ English Cream

Female ~ Born May 31, 2016

Average Weight ~ 57 lbs.

Shoulder Height ~ 22”

Piper is a dog that is always on the run!  She loves being outside and spends most of her time running the property or sleeping in her favorite spot on the steps.  She is always living it up, taking every opportunity to have fun.  She loves playing with her friends outside and chasing chipmunks, squirrels or anything that moves. She loves to jump up on the bed in the middle of the night, rush up to us and get right in our she’s saying “Hey, why are you sleeping?  Let's play!!”  She is so darn cute all you can do is cuddle her close and hope she falls asleep, lol.  This girl lights up the room when she sashays in!!

Check out more photos of Piper on her Doodle Nation Facebook page.

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