The Pack

RIP Princess 10/25/06 - 11/7/19

Manchester Terrier

Female ~ October 25, 2006 – November 7, 2019

Average Weight ~ 6lbs

Shoulder Height ~ 10”

Princess was the smallest and oldest of the pack.  She was a loyal, adventurous girl who loved to explore the outdoors and help with chores.  On her down time she enjoyed sun bathing, snuggling and sleeping under the covers.

On November 7, 2019 we had to say goodbye to our beloved Princess. She may not have been a doodle but she taught many doodle puppies boundaries and how to treat a little dog. Although, Princess never thought she was little, in her heart she was a huge Mastiff stuck in a 10” 6lb body. She lived a full life; she traveled the country, boated, camped, hiked but most of all she gave us constant companionship. She was super loyal and would walk through 3’ of snow to follow us. She loved the outdoors, would hop and frolic through tall grass and even managed to catch a bird out of the sky! She may not be here with us physically but she will live in our hearts forever. It gives us comfort to know that she has joined our Dad, Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Chauncey in heaven, oh how she loved to sit on their laps. I’m sure she wasted no time claiming her spot with them again! RIP little Princess, I have no doubt you’ll be at the head of the pack when we meet you at the gates, you always did fancy yourself the alpha

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