The Pack

...our resident dogs.  They live here with us in our home full time, cage free!

Soleil ~ Retired

Standard F1 Labradoodle ~ Cream


Female ~ Born July 4, 2015

Soleil is very happy and full of life.  She enjoys any activity but some of her favorites are playing catch and chasing her friends around.  Soleil is Luna’s litter mate so you’d think they would be alike…but they couldn’t be more different! While Luna is laid back Soleil is outgoing and always ready for action.  She is very affectionate and loves to snuggle. Soleil is very loyal and is always by our side when she’s not living it up outside. She is protective of her family and is one of the first to run outside to see what’s going when they all hear something. Soleil has always been the scrappy one out of the pack, she has a stance that says “I’m ready for anything” and an attitude to match!

Check out more photos of Soleil on her Doodle Nation Facebook page.

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