The Pack

...our resident dogs.  They live here with us in our home full time, cage free!

Stormy ~ Retired

Labrador Retriever ~ Silver


Female ~Born June 8, 2015

Stormy, aka Chomp Chomp is a talker!! She has lots to say and isn't afraid to say it! She is a very good listener and is super loyal. She enjoys playing catch, taking naps, bathing her humans, and eating. She really does love to eat!! Stormy is very affectionate and is our "Ride or Die" girl. She is ALWAYS first in line to go for a ride and most of the time you'll find her laying in front of the door so you can't leave without her!!! She is very smart and was easy to train, unless she thinks it's nap time. If she's already laying down napping and you try to get her to move you might just have to drag her and that still doesn't guarantee she'll get up!!

Check out more photos of Stormy on her Doodle Nation Facebook page.

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