The Pack

...our resident dogs.  They live here with us in our home full time, cage free!

Sunny ~ Retired

Labrador Retriever ~ Champagne


Female ~Born May 31, 2015

Sunny is a lover! She is very affectionate and enjoys a good snuggle but when she's ready to go watch out because she has a lot of energy! Out of all our dogs she is the one that spends the most time outside. She absolute loves to walk the property, especially the woods; rain or shine she's out there keeping an eye on things... or snoozing, she loves napping outside. She enjoys hunting for gophers, squirrels or anything else she can find. She gets along with everyone and if you don't watch out she'll try to lick you to death!! Sunny is our little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!!

Check out more photos of Sunny on her Doodle Nation Facebook page.

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